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Dr Brogdon Technology

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Technology in the Classroom





Sherri Brogdon, Ph.D.



Contact Information:

 Email: drbrogdon03@swosu.edu

Office Phone:  580-774-6825

Twitter Name: drbrogdon03

Blog Link


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Current Technology in the Classroom 


Wired Educator


Cell Phone Integration


"Kids cheat with pen and paper.

They pass notes,"

said Kipp Rogers, principal of

Passage Middle School in

Newport News, Va.,

"You don't ban paper."  


Comics in the



"In an increasingly visual culture,

literacy educators can

profit fromthe use of

graphic novels in the

classroom, especially for

young adults."


Interactive White Board Resources 




"An interactive whiteboard is an

engaging tool for the classroom.  It allows students to visualize and

actively learn,

as long as the teacher allows students to touch the board."



Sherri Brogdon, PhD


Southwestern Oklahoma State University






"It is not so much about learning

about the nuts and bolts of

robots themselves,

but about using robotics to

highlight and explain concepts in maths, science and technology."


Ian Maud


Curriculum Leadership, June 2009, 7(19)

iPads in the Classroom





"The best part of the students' hands-on experience was that there was no explanation. Everyone just knew what to do."





A Word is Worth a Thousand Words



Geary Presentation


Physical Education



No Cell Phones in Class


Phone a Friend


Cell Phones in School


From Toy to Tool


What Students Want


**Lesson Ideas


Harnessing the Technology


Cheating on Exams 




Graphic Novels


Teaching Comics


Periodic Table of Comics




Create Your Comic




Link to Smartboard Resource Page


View other interactive whiteboards


Adult Learner Resources








NXT Programs




How To




Apps by Subject


Bloomin' Apps

Education Transformation Video


iPads in Education


Interaction Education


iPad in Livebinders


Learning in Hand


Do's and Don'ts with iPad in Class









Nursing Presentation


Nursing Presentation Links



Presentation at Recharge 2013 - Clinton ISD




















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