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Copy of EDUC 1023 - Dr Brogdon

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Sherri Brogdon, Ph. D.




Welcome to EDUC 1023




General Links


Blog Link






Contact Information:




Twitter Name:



Course Instructions


This course is designed to help you learn to integrate technology into your classes.Assignments will be submitted in class, emailed to the instructor, or posted on your own pbworks wikipage. The Due Dates page will change only if an assignment has been changed on the Weekly Calendar.  The Due Dates page is a convenience for you, so that you can make sure that all assignments are turned in on time and participation points are credited for timely posts and tweets. 


Follow instructions and research links that are on the weekly pages.  The Course due dates page will give all deadlines. Have fun.


Syllabus:  1023 Syllabus Fall 2011.docx




Week 1 Assignments and Research
  Week 2 Assignments and Research














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