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OGET Training Session

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   OGET Training Session

OGET Resources

Subarea I

Reading and Written Communication

Subarea II

Miscellaneous Topics

Test Framework

Competencies 0001 - 00007

Competencies 0008-0012

Text Anxiety

Scoring a Constructed Response

Competency 0001 

Math Formulas


Test Taking Strategies 


Point of View 

Central Idea




  Practice Identifying the Main Idea  







Competency 0002

  Flocabulary - Sequence of Events    
  Examples of Cause and Effect    
  Flocabulary - Cause and Effect    

Inferences: Making an inference is the process of figuring out missing information from information that IS included. Inferences can be made with pictures, with characters, with plot, with the setting, and even with vocabulary. To infer is a thinking process of reading between the lines. We can use pictures and text clues to infer, and inferences are more situational.


Conclusions: Conclusions are the judgments or decisions reached based on information learned. It requires reasoning or deep thinking and observation skills. I think of drawing conclusions as solving a mystery. Drawing conclusions is deeper than an inference. In fact, making inferences helps us draw conclusions.

  Kahoot on Conclusions    
  Code: 0450575    
  Deductive vs Inductive Reasoning    
  Critical Thinking in Khan Academy     
  Deductive Reasoning Practice Questions    

Competency 0003

  Practice implicit and stated assumptions    
  Finding Fallacies in Arguments     
  More Fallacies    
  Fallacies at Khan Academy     
  Examples of Analogies    
  Critical Analysis Practice Questions    
  Analogy Practice    
  Flocabulary on Fact and Opinion     
  Define bias    
  Credibility and Bias    
  Practice on Quizziz Code 395448    

Competency 0004

  Author's Purpose    

Competency 0005

  Shifts in Point of View    
  Better Paragraph Organization    
  Transition Words    

Competency 0006

  Kahn Academy Grammar Workshop    



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