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CSI with Linear Equations

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Project Objective: Students will create a CSI report as they work through the clues given to apply algebra.  They must also unlock the box containing the stolen artifacts.

 Resources and Explanations


The suspect list is going shorter with only two suspects left:  Coach Hoffman and Principal Pugh.  The items missing are a Golden Pi statue gold-pi-symbol-md.png  and a sketch by DaVinci  leonardo-ti.jpg.  


Both suspects had shown interest in the pieces prior to the items being stolen, since they were both  math teachers at a previous school.  On the night in question, each suspect was seen leaving the school at 4:00 with a bag in hand.  When arriving at their respective homes, neither suspect had the bag with them.  One of the suspects was in a hurry to get somewhere, but the other one drove strictly according to the posted 30 mph.


Pretest Link


CSI Rubric 


CSI with Equations on Google Slides


Clue Cards


Lock Box with Stolen Artifacts



CSI Report 

 to be completed at the end of the project by each individual.



Posttest Link





Finding distance between points


Purple Math




Using Distance Rate and Time Formula




Math Forum


Translating Functions




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