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Steepest Staircase Project

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Project Objective: Students will create an educreations file illustrating how to find and apply slope.


 Resources and Explanations


All Turquoise Text below are Links to great resources. 


Click on the following link to see some examples of staircases:   Illustrations of Staircases


How can we can we compare the slopes of the different staircases? What are the units when describing slope?

How is slope related to rate of change?


Click on the link for more Information on Slope and Rate of Change

Additional resources for project.




Click on the following link for More info on SLOPE


Examples of Discrete and Continuous Graphs


Link for more info on:

Graphing Discrete vs Continuous Functions


Questions to Ponder

-Is the staircase graph continuous or discrete?
-Can you draw a discrete function?
-What makes it discrete and what makes it a function?
-Can a graph be both discrete and a function?


Project Example


Question to Answer after Project:  If you traveled 22 ft horizontally on your staircase, how high would you be?




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